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Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Posted on Jul 3, 2014 by in ROAD TRIPS, SPOTLIGHT | 0 comments

Around the small village of Mexican Hat in southeast Utah, the San Juan River is slow-moving and flows through a relatively shallow red rock canyon with many wide curves; more of these convolutions can be seen in the nearby Goosenecks State Park, reached by a 4 mile paved side road (UT 316) that branches off UT 261 a little way north of town. The park, to which entry is free, has just one extended viewpoint of several huge river bends, now flowing one thousand feet below ground level in a deep canyon with a series of stepped cliffs and terraces, a feature recognized as one of the best examples of entrenched river meanders in the world. At the park, the waters flow through 5 miles of canyon whilst progressing westwards only one mile. Beyond the visible meanders, the river continues to twist and turn as the canyon deepens, before joining Lake Powell after about 35 miles.



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