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10 Iconic Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

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Price Tower (1952, Bartlesville, Oklahoma). This design is Wright’s only realized skyscraper. Its distinctive facade features patinated copper cladding and sun louvers.

 Courtesy of Christian Korab; Price Tower Arts Center.



Frederick C. Robie House (1908, Chicago, Illinois). This house established a new concept for open-plan living that no longer relied on walls to designate interior spaces.

 Courtesy of Frank Lloyd Wright Trust.


Taliesin (1911, Spring Green, Wisconsin). Wright’s home and studio, rebuilt after two fires, is a peaceful retreat that demonstrates the architect’s graceful merging of architecture and landscape.

 Courtesy of John Amarantides; Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


Unity Temple (1905, Oak Park, Illinois). This structure was one of the first public buildings to be made with affordable, poured-in-place reinforced concrete.

 Courtesy of Unity Temple Restoration Foundation.


Taliesin West (1938, Scottsdale, Arizona). Wright experimented with architectural techniques on his winter home and studio over the course of two decades. He developed a stone masonry out of boulders and rocks found around the site. The property houses the offices of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; the resident staff and students who live and work at Taliesin and Taliesin West; and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

Courtesy of Andrew Pielage; Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

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