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6-Day Peru Vacation with Airfare $1,599

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Explore Ancient Machu Picchu and Peru’s Modern Cities

Peru is famous for its ancient Incan sites, and its seafood-heavy cuisine has earned it a place on the world’s culinary radar. Experience the sights and flavors of this vibrant country with trips to Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. You can explore these places on your own, or get an in-depth look on one of four optional tours (additional fees apply). This vacation includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Miami (MIA) or New York (JFK) with LAN airlines
  • 1 night of standard accommodations at Hotel El Tambo in Lima
  • 4 nights of standard accommodations at Hotel Eco Inn in Cusco
  • Transfers from the airport to your hotel and return in Lima and Cusco
  • Domestic flight from Lima to Cusco and return
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • Expedition train to and from Machu Picchu
  • Full-day tour of Machu Picchu, including entrance fees
  • Hotel service charges and local taxes

Day 1: Lima

Peru’s capital is a wealth of pre-Columbian and colonial riches tucked into a bustling metropolis. You can explore the country’s mysterious ancient civilizations at the National Museum, or check out Incan jewelry at the Larco Museum. Galleries and markets throughout Lima draw local artisans who create alpaca sweaters and traditional ceramics for sale. In the bohemian Barranco district, you can get a taste of Afro-Peruvian culture while hopping between nightclubs. Be sure to try to pisco, a South American grape brandy.

  • Optional tour: See the Government Palace, City Hall, and ancient streets packed with colonial mansions and Moorish balconies on a half-day tour (additional fees apply).
  • Visit Miraflores: This upscale seafront district features colorful gardens, shopping venues, and eateries ranging from Irish pubs to Italian bistros.
  • Notable site: The Peruvian House of Literature was built out of the remnants of Lima’s old train station and now houses a reading room of Peruvian works.
  • Eat like a local: Peruvian cuisine is a blend of disparate influences—among them, Japanese, African, and Mediterranean. Get a taste with ceviche or anticuchos, a popular street snack made of grilled beef heart.

Days 2–3: Cusco

This city, perched high in the Andes on the cusp of the Amazon, once served as the capital of ancient Incan civilization. A living museum of Peruvian history, it has cobbled streets dotted with Incan stonewalls, Spanish colonial churches, and several art museums. You can still see remnants of the once-great empire at sites such as the temple Qorikancha.

  • Optional tours: Take a half- or full-day tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, or opt for a Cusco tour that takes you to the Temple of the Sun, the San Blas neighborhood, and the Inca Museum (additional fees apply).
  • Go hiking: Descend from the cloud forest to the Amazon jungle during a hike down the Andes, or hop on a local bus or truck to make the trek.
  • Visit Pisac Market: Local artisans have sold their merchandise here for centuries.

Day 4: Machu Picchu

Rising 7,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by tropical jungles, Machu Picchu—arguably the Incan Empire’s greatest urban and architectural achievement—is a commanding sight. Imagine life in 15th-century Peru while exploring this legendary UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Guided tour: A knowledgeable guide will lead you around Machu Picchu’s religious structures and burial grounds.
  • Notable accolades: Machu Picchu was recently named on of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Getting around: This leg of the trip includes a train ride from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, a bus ride to Machu Picchu, and a train ride back to Cusco at day’s end.

Days 5–6: Cusco

There’s still plenty left to see in Cusco—the whole thing is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy a full day of leisurely exploration before hopping a flight back to America.

  • Cathedral of Santo Domingo: This 16th-century structure is home to almost 400 paintings, including Marcos Zapata’s Last Supper.
  • Eat like a local: Dig into adobo pork stew and roasted cuy, a notable culinary creation of guinea pig with black mint, garlic, cumin, and salt.
  • Return home: On the last day, you’ll fly from Cusco to Lima, where you’ll catch a plane back to the U.S.

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